Happy (Dinosaur-filled) New Year!


This year I brought in the New Year with all of my friends, without having to leave my house. Max Cameron, Lily, Lorelei, and I hosted a party at the house and it was absolutely wonderful! Our dungeon featured some incredibly hot play, and upstairs there was an after midnight masturbate-a-thon (I am sure they had a sexier name than that); it was all pretty hot to watch.

Being a hostess, I did not have much of a chance to do a full scene myself, though I did find some moments for fun. I had a lovely time punching one of my partners, and lots of cuddles from another. At one point my good friend Alex gifted me a wooden dildo! He makes them professionally through his company SoundKink. I just had to try it out. It is about 4 inches long, with a handgrip. He let me know the grip was for jackhammering me, and I must say, it worked very well. I was a bit suspicious of it being wood, but only at first. It is amazingly well sealed. It is smoother than silicone dildos, but definitely has less give. It is quite similar to glass in feeling, but has the advantage of not being as cold. As far as dildos go, this one is up there in my book. It gave me so many orgasms.

Another favorite part of the party was the number of people who took pictures riding my dinosaur rocking horse. It made me so happy! The rocking dino was another gift from the amazing Alex!

I fell asleep around 2am (the party kept on until 4:30) – I was just so tired! I was really happy to be periodically woken up by several close friends coming to say goodnight. It was absolutely lovely.

Then I woke up this morning next to the lovely Lorelei, and after a few more orgasms I was ready to kick off the New Year. My resolution is to remember to write 2016 on all my papers instead of 2015. This will be hard, and may take a few months, but I believe I will reach this year’s goal.


Photo credit to Tied & Tangled, www.blakeleyphoto.com.