Your Demon and Mine

Eeek! Holiday madness is here. I do confess I have been shirking my social media duties in order to see to the rest of my To-Do list. Including sleeping for a couple days after my finals. It was glorious!

Now I am rushing to get all my Christmas things done. The amazingly Lorelei took me to get a tree today. It was raining so hard that it is now living on my porch until it is dry enough to get inside and decorate. That is one of my favorite holiday activities!

So here is a poem to hold you over until I find more time.


I can feel darkness ripple beneath my skin

I can see it shimmering behind your eyes

It thrashes at the idea of freedom

And holds promises of our demise


They know our deepest desires

And sing to our devil’s time

I think they’d play well together

 Your demon and mine


Scales in the Bedroom

It’s Finals week! So instead of tackling a topic that would drive me further into insomnia, I thought I would give you a little look into my mind.


Scales in the Bedroom


“Okay, honey.”

Liz’s husband looked her suspiciously as she motioned him to the bed. He’d seen this look on her before; last time she’d looked this devious had been in Vegas last year. He did not want to repeat that experience, his cock just couldn’t perform in front of cameras. He sat down next to her and waited for her to continue.

“So you know how we have been talking about ways to spice up the bedroom?”

Shawn nodded and his pulse picked up a bit. He had been dropping hints about bringing another man into their bedroom for weeks. He just wasn’t sure if Liz would be into that. When she didn’t continue Shawn prompted her: “Yes?”

Liz blushed. “Well, I have a surprise for you. I really hope you like it.” Her breast trembled as she took a nervous breath. “Shawn, I want you to meet my friend Carl.”

Shawn’s pulse tripled as he felt his blood flow downstairs. Time seemed to freeze as he turned to look at the closed bedroom door. He held his breath waiting for the knob to turn, the door to open, exposing his deepest desire. Just when he though the moment would last forever he heard a sound that ripped him from his thoughts of a half-naked porn star walking through the door.

“RAWRRRRRG.” The monstrosity of a growl was accompanied by a house-shaking crash. Before Shawn had time to gather air for a scream the bedroom door flew off its hinges. A creature like none other hurtled through the door, taking a good chunk of the surrounding wall with it.

The creature shook the rubble from its back, let out a blood-curling screech, and promptly sat itself next to the bed. Shawn’s fear-induced paralysis broke as the creature’s scaly head came to rest next to him. He let out a scream and frantically pushed himself back, quickly coming into contact with the headboard.

“Honey, honey! Calm down!” Liz frantically patted Shawn’s leg as he started to hyperventilate. “Deep breaths! Jesus, you’re going to hurt Carl’s feelings.” When Shawn still refused to calm down, Liz planted a forceful slap on his cheek.

The sharp pain of the blow seemed to do the trick. Well, it at least drew his attention to the fact that it was his wife attacking him, not the beast at the end of the bed. Slowing down his breath Shawn looked the thing over.

Its mouth was, so far, the most notable thing about it. About…Carl? Shawn thought to himself, just now realizing his wife had referred to the creature by the name he had imaged belonged to a 6’, chest-glistening model. It’s…his?…jaw took up most of its face – Shawn imagined it could enclose his whole head. He very much didn’t want to find out, due to the dozens of sharpened teeth that glistened in the light. The teeth of a carnivore. Shawn didn’t find the thought very comforting. It could eat me for breakfast.

Gleaming brown-green scales covered the whole of the creature, from its large head to its tail, a tail so long it was still out in the hallway, laying over the rubble that used to be their bedroom door. Its long arms ended in claws, not hands. Each arm had three large, sharp talons. Talons that are as long as my cock…. I wonder… Shawn shook himself, trying to blame his thoughts on hysteria.

Liz spoke up again. “Carl, this is Shawn. I am sure he will warm up to you soon.” She moved closer to the beast, laying an affectionate hand on its head. “Shawn, this is Carl. As you have probably noticed, he is a raptor. But he is also a good friend of mine. You said you wanted to try something different, and…well…here you go!” She laughed nervously. “Honestly, I thought you would be more excited.”

As Liz moved to stroke Carl’s back the raptor stood up and let out a small, “Rawr!”, nudging Shawn’s foot with his nose.

Shawn’s pounding heart started to slow as he realized the Carl was trying to say hello. “Umm, hel…” Shawn cleared his throat. “Hello, Carl. Nice to meet you.”

Carl showed the closest thing to a smile that his face would allow and rose to his full height. He tossed his head and made a sound that Shawn could only guess was in celebration. As he did this Shawn’s gaze drifted down, and he very quickly felt his blood relocate to his face, a blush like he’d never known coloring his face.

Between the creature’s muscular legs hung his throbbing member. It must have been at least a foot long, and thicker than Shawn’s wrist. Its scales seemed to shimmer in the artificial light of the room, making it look like it could be made of melted glass. The raptor’s giant cock was standing at attention, pointing straight at Shawn.

Shawn felt his mouth start to water involuntarily. He tore his gaze away from the heat-inducing sight to look at Liz. “You thought this is what I was hinting at?!” He paused. “Wait, where did you find a raptor!?! Is this some sort of Jurassic Park shit? Should I be rounding up the troops? How will we contain them?! Don’t they run in packs?”

Liz looked at him incredulously. “I can’t believe you are being so speciest! Do you only ever believe what you see on TV? Raptors can be lovely, kind, sensual creatures. I, personally, found Jurassic Park to be horribly prejudiced and uninformed.”

“So, he’s not going to eat me?”

Liz smiled seductively. “Not in any way you won’t like.”

Shawn felt his panic start to fade; it was replaced by a sensation, a heat, he wasn’t sure he was comfortable with. Taking another look at the raptor’s cock, still standing at attention, he felt the heat spread down into his own member.

“Okay, honey. I think I can give this a shot.”

To be continued…

Day in My Life

I thought you all deserved the reason why my blog has been neglected. Here is a day in my life.

It’s 5am and the screeching of my alarm clock is shattering my dreams. My arm reaches out blindly searching of the off button without finding it. I crack my eyes open and silence the evil machine with more accuracy.

I roll over and hear a stack of books fall to the ground.   I deduce I’d fallen asleep in the middle of my homework. Squinting at the mess on the ground I groan and resolve to deal with it when I got home tonight.

It takes me about 45 minutes to shower, grab my pre-packed suitcase and get out the door. 9:40am has me opening my eyes in San Francisco. Without a second to rest I am swept into a dressing room and in no time I am standing in front of a camera ready to be Sexually Broken.

Lunch break had me sitting going over note cards back stage. When it is time to shoot again I throw off my robe (quite epically) and enthusiastically put on my sexy face.

7pm has me back at the airport. This time I spend the flight going over notes for the midterm I have the next day.

I am back to my house by 10pm. I immediately set my alarm for 6am and crawl back into bed.

In conclusion, I hope to get another blog post up before too long. In the mean time here’s a picture of my boobs!


You can see scene this picture came from here!

Until Next Time,


I Dream of Teacher

“Get on your knees.” My voice is thick with desire. This close I can see his eyes dilate with lust; he shakily follows my command. His glance flickers to my strapped-on cock. Mouth watering with anticipation, he waits for my command to take it into his mouth. As I nod my permission his lips circle my cock. With a hand in his hair and a thrust of my hips I am all the way down his throat. I feel the pressure from the cock against my cunt and moan with…

“Endza!… Endza!”

My delectable daydream shatters as I look guiltily up at the voice.   It belongs to the very professor I was imagining moments before. His expression is impatient, not at all like the expression that is still playing on the back of my eyelids. I shift in my seat, suddenly very aware of the wetness between my legs. I feel a blush rise to my cheeks as I ask him to repeat the question.

Thus is life with a teacher fetish.

Whether it is imagining my philosophy professor on the end of my silicone cock, or my muscular history professor slamming me down on the desk and fucking me, all the while telling me what a good little whore I am, it is a real challenge to pay attention in class.

The most distracting is my psychology professor; she delights the class daily with her tight skirts and lovely ass. I spend most of the two-hour long class imagining what she is wearing underneath. My money is on nothing.

My intense fantasy doesn’t end with the act itself. I think the hottest part would be having to sit in class the next day, knowing the teacher’s cock was in your mouth the night before. I would get so wet keeping my naughty secret. I would get wetter every time the teacher blushed when I answered a question.

Oh dear, my nipples are getting hard just thinking about it.

The fact that I have never been able to act on this desire of mine makes the lust get stronger with every new quarter. I do hope someone helps me out soon – I just might explode from frustratio