Doctor Who Season 9!

“Your chances of survival are one out of a thousand. So here’s what you do: You forget the thousand, and you concentrate on the one.” The 12th Doctor in Season 9, The Magician’s Apprentice.

As you can imagine, I have been very excited for this season of Doctor Who to get going. I have barely been able to contain myself. So this past Saturday, even though I was out of town, I sat myself down in front of the TV and turned on BBC.

It was gold. Clara seems to have finally developed a personality, the Doctor rode in on a tank playing the electric guitar, and they packed so much action into the episode I am sure I missed most of it. It is an incredible start to the season.

To be honest, there is another reason why I missed most of the action in the episode. Earlier that day I had my first shoot for Sexually Broken Live! It was the most mind-breaking, orgasm-inducing, fuck-fest of awesome. I had never before experienced two men at once and I was so nervous. Turns out Jack and Matt were the perfect people to take that cherry.   I got so cum-drunk time seemed to stop; I had no clue how long the shoot was. I just floated in a new kind of head space, it was different from what I experience from pain. I learned what it was like to be cum-drunk. When that shoot is up you will be able to find it on

After I grabbed post-shoot lunch I went back to my hotel and curled into the soft sheets I found there. I was still so cum-drunk that when Doctor Who came on I couldn’t quite keep my attention on it. My thoughts kept returning to the incredibly sexy time I’d had just a few hours before. I got a bit…well…distracted as my hand kept returning to my aching cunt.

Needless to say, I had to watch the episode again. Luckily for me, my amazing girlfriend Lorelei was willing to re-watch it with me tonight. I say “willing” but I mean “incredibly enthusiastic”, she is even a bigger fan than I am.

My overall thoughts on the introduction to this season can be summarized in two words. “Holy Shit.”   The first episode was more epic than a lot of the past season finales.   I can’t wait for the next episode and I hope they can keep this level of epic up the whole season.