Your Demon and Mine

Eeek! Holiday madness is here. I do confess I have been shirking my social media duties in order to see to the rest of my To-Do list. Including sleeping for a couple days after my finals. It was glorious!

Now I am rushing to get all my Christmas things done. The amazingly Lorelei took me to get a tree today. It was raining so hard that it is now living on my porch until it is dry enough to get inside and decorate. That is one of my favorite holiday activities!

So here is a poem to hold you over until I find more time.


I can feel darkness ripple beneath my skin

I can see it shimmering behind your eyes

It thrashes at the idea of freedom

And holds promises of our demise


They know our deepest desires

And sing to our devil’s time

I think they’d play well together

 Your demon and mine


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