My Fire

Blue is the masking calm of water caressing the shore

Tender, beautiful, predicable

Surrounding you, caressing you,

It will never move far from your sand


You will swoon with its beauty,

Its waves that whisper “future”

With a melody so intoxicating, you will never leave its shore

With waves that scream “dreams”

Until you are lost within its song


You will only ever see the sparkling of its surface

The white foam kissing promises into your shore,

But underneath its crystalline shell,

Hides a lie,

A current,

One that can steal and destroy


It will sweep you away, drowning you in its depths,

Leaving a sound no one will hear

Or it will rise and flood,

Till it rots your foundations,

destroys your world


Never giving up, it will stay by your side

So when you can no longer stand,

When you give in and fall,

It can hide your body from the setting sun


No, my love will not be blue, it will not settle

It will not calm

It will not inspire silence or comfort

Little girls will not dream of it,

The old will not reflect on it,

While dabbing the joy that leaks from their eyes


My love will be the red of burning coals,

The orange of devouring flames,

A yellow burning hotter than the sun


It will be a white hot fire as it storms through a forest,

Controlled by the whims of a dancer


Because there is nothing quite like the beauty of fire

Its strong spirals that never stop reaching for the sky

As if it knows we will sacrifice it keep it here

For it can only provide through destruction


While its flames dance along the earth it hides nothing

And in its wake it leaves a memory,

A place for new things to grow


Its spirals are never naive enough to promise a future,

So they have never spoken a lie


That is what I want from my love

One that can take everything from me,

But in return hides nothing from my eyes


I want it to tear down who I am,

Only to let me rebuild beside its warmth


I want it to destroy me,

To ravish me with a heat so great,

That the sun would cast its disapproving gaze our way


I want a truth,

A truth that in its magnitude will spiral to the heavens

Leaving them horrified at the intensity of our light


Only it need not stay,

For fire is wild

You can keep it going for days, years,

But eventually it has to die

Leaving a scar,

But also a place for a new fire to arrive



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