Day in My Life

I thought you all deserved the reason why my blog has been neglected. Here is a day in my life.

It’s 5am and the screeching of my alarm clock is shattering my dreams. My arm reaches out blindly searching of the off button without finding it. I crack my eyes open and silence the evil machine with more accuracy.

I roll over and hear a stack of books fall to the ground.   I deduce I’d fallen asleep in the middle of my homework. Squinting at the mess on the ground I groan and resolve to deal with it when I got home tonight.

It takes me about 45 minutes to shower, grab my pre-packed suitcase and get out the door. 9:40am has me opening my eyes in San Francisco. Without a second to rest I am swept into a dressing room and in no time I am standing in front of a camera ready to be Sexually Broken.

Lunch break had me sitting going over note cards back stage. When it is time to shoot again I throw off my robe (quite epically) and enthusiastically put on my sexy face.

7pm has me back at the airport. This time I spend the flight going over notes for the midterm I have the next day.

I am back to my house by 10pm. I immediately set my alarm for 6am and crawl back into bed.

In conclusion, I hope to get another blog post up before too long. In the mean time here’s a picture of my boobs!


You can see scene this picture came from here!

Until Next Time,



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