Who am I?

I am Endza Adair; full time student, most of the time athlete, sometimes porn actress, and always a dinosaur.  I am not safe for work and shouldn’t be left unsupervised.

While terrorizing unsuspecting villagers is my favorite past time, I do take the occasional break to work towards a BS in Psychology and dance naked in front of cameras.

I am an adrenaline junky, and I don’t mean just a thrill seeker. I mean you don’t want to be around me if I haven’t bungeed from a bridge, hung from hooks, or gotten my kink on recently.

I have very little understanding of the status quo. I always have an opinion, and am a strong believer that rules were made to be broken. After all, good girls rarely make history.

I am a random fact collector (did you know contempt is the only emotion that presents asymmetrically on the face?), a lover of literature, a kink practitioner, and an honor student.

What is my blog about?

Well, you sexy people, I cannot say. I dislike consistency.

Some days I will rant and rave about a cheesy action movie, the next I may contemplate the complexities of life (I am a philosophy minor, after all). I can say there will be sexy stories, Doctor Who, and opinions on sex worker rights.

To access my updates simply scroll to the side or down.

Where can I be found?

My favorite places are:

Tumblr – Endza-Adair

Fetlife – Endza_Adair



Though, I exist all over the internet.  When all else fails Google! Searching Endza XXX or Endza Adair should bring up most of my videos.

Until next time,

Endza Adair


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